Overplanning = Anxiety

A thought. Sometimes when you are told things, they are just thoughts that you put into your back pocket till you realize that you are now at the point of your live where you can apply it where it makes sense.

My assertive over planning is my Anxiety acting up. I been doing this since I was young, when people told me that planning is ok and normal, it was normalized to me exp now I realize mine is acessive compared to what a health “normalized” planning is.

Overplanning can be a side effect of an anxiety disorder that developed in early life. This need for control is often a survival mechanism for those who had unstable childhoods. Although this behavior may have served its purpose in the past, overplanning can be detrimental in adulthood.



There are different types of workouts that will work with PCOS. I used to be pyhically active but I wasn’t doing the type of workouts that works with PCOS, was always confused why my body wasn’t responding to it.

Pilates: Mat + Reformer
Mat Pilates: I have an online Mat Pilates class but I realize I don’t do well with online classes
Reformer Pilates: I found some group classes that I want to try. I’m looking for easy/beginners/light classes till my body gets stronger.

YouTube video:
10-15 min walking videos


Learning to get my PCOS under control. There are so much information about it out there but there is also so much information that is telling you really nothing or covers for fad diets.

It’s been a while…

and a pandemic started. I was doing good at sticking to 230pd range for the past few years till the past 6 months and I gained back to 250pd. I know that I have to control my PCOS. It’s confusing bc there is an overwhelming about of information and misinformation out there. Also there had to be food that I will stick to eating long term.

This blog is going to track me getting my life back on track since the pandemic changed things.

Things to work on:
Control my PCOS to lose weight.
Get my body back into shape
Learn coding or something to work my mind.

(Personal Post) New 90 Day Challenge: Get healthier habits.

Get healthier habits.


Work to start switching to 80/20 Healthy/Cheat Foods
Sleep at 1am at the latest or get in bed and deal with it.
Start playing with meal prep and on testing meal prep recipes.
Workout: Mat Pilates 3x, Dance 2x, Gym/home workout 3x
Spent 15min to an hour each day reading or working on code/tech stuff.


Switching to 80/20 Healthy/Cheat Foods
Out of bed 9am each day, no matter what time I slept or didn’t get sleep.
Plan out meal preps and make them
Workout: Mat Pilates 3x, Dance 4x, Gym/home workout 5x
Spent 30 min to an hour each day reading or working on code/tech stuff.

(Personal Update) Day 90/90: Made it to the end of the Project 333 Challenge.


Project 333:

I really didn’t update it because I found it so easy once I have my clothing and items pulled. I used less then 33 pieces and I just had to remember to plan when to do my laundry or I would be out of clothing. At the end, I really don’t need that much clothing but I’m also too fat to wear clothing I think is cute.


My own health still isn’t statable but the warmer weather was helping till the Santa Ana Winds kicked in today…baby steps. I’ve been going to mat pilates twice a week, and recently add in 2 dance classes per week. It’s sorta of pushing my ankle, so I might back it down to one dance class a week. I need to lose the 30+ pounds since my ankle surgery. So that’s my next goal for the next 90 days to drop 10-15 pounds.



It’s been a year and half since I decide to go back to school. Part of me is freaking out that I’m not learning fast enough but I feel inspired when I’m in class, so I know it’s the right step.  I have anther year and half left. Not going to cry if I don’t finish it.


I’m on one project right now but I really can’t take on any more till school is done for the semester and my heath improves. Thank goodness for the day job.  I really to get back on track with learning Javascript and learnt use illustrator better.

(Personal Post) Day 49/90: Update


Project 333:

I’m using less then my allowance of clothing and items according to the project. I swamp out a pair of jeans I never used for sweats due to the weather.  When my health gets better, I can start getting rid of clothing and stuff that I really don’t need. Even if I lose the weight, I’ll get new clothing.

Create new habits:

Two hours daily routine
30 mins: Daily work on illustrator or Javascript skills or Weekend: Read a book.
30 min: Clean house + Donate/Get rid of stuff.
15 min each: Draw + Work on Blog/Journal + Ankle rehab + Self Care.

I did good in Jan but failed in Feb once my classes all started. I bite off more then I can chew with all my classes and my health issues flaring up. Need to sit down and evaluate my game plan.

Meal Planing:

This month, I was going to had on meal planing to start eating healthier. My health issues flared up majorly.  I wasn’t able to do much but get what I need to get done and rest.  I’m going to clean out my freezer and start looking into making fz foods that I can pre prep for the slow cooker.  That way if I get sick again, I can just dump it into the crockpot and rest.

Working out:

I started with one class of mat pilates per week for Jan. I’m upping it to two in feb and adding in an hour of dance class starting next week.  March:  Per week: Mat Pilates 3x, Dance Class 2x