100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 15/100 Days

romantic girl is typing

I am grateful for:

  1. I got to spend part of the day with my friend and her kids before she gives birth in a few weeks. It’s nice to see a family so forced on each other.
  2. That my friend told me in time that the Designer Meetup was cancel to turn around.
  3. That I think I can close out my father’s estate this year. Learn a lot of lessons so far. Never thought I would ever have to hire and manage 3 different  lawyers each from a different country, and deal with two foreclosures.
  4. That I’m slowly getting feeling back into my body. I have think I started discounting with it when I was in a lot of pain over two years. Now learning to deal with the pain and emotions to release it.
  5. That I’m getting rid of toxic friends and setting bounders with toxic people that I have to deal with in my life. I really don’t have time for self created drama. Not my circus, Not my monkeys.



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