100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 18/100 Days

stressed woman with computer, papers, calculator

I am Grateful for:

  1. The challenging days because I know there are lessons in them, and they are growing me to be stronger in the path that I am meant to be on.
  2. Coding. I realize how much I love talking about coding when I’m not imadated.  I was talking to a designer about how I’m trying to figure out when the :nth-child() Selector on when I can use it. Been trying to shove it into things as much as I can to see how far I can push it into things, and I had to stop myself when I realized he had a blank look on his face for a while.
  3. GA’s free lecture tonight. The speaker was a first time speaker and it really showed. She is a gifted intuitive typography and designer. You can see it was sort of a struggle for to put it all in words because it was very intuitive in her head for her. I have the same issue with a lot of things I create, and the processes that I figure out.  I’m working on being able to express things  more orally both in written and verbal.
  4. Free use of Luxe. Decide to take GA up on their free code to use Luxe, Uber like Valet Service, for the lecture tonight. It worked pretty good expect they didn’t explain how close you have to be, before the app would call a valet for you. I kept on toggling causing me to miss the building because instead of send you a voice notification, it sent a simi detail text to me while I was driving. So I didn’t caught it but once I figure it out, it was a breeze. It was nice to have my car pull up as I was walking towards the street.
  5. Good Fried Chicken but I need to stop myself from buying when I’m starving. I really don’t like KFC but it’s near the house and I always regret eating it when I’m done.

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