100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 20/100 Days

11035460_10152520018622134_1693677485511702810_nI am grateful for:

  1. My friends. I have amazing friends that I am privilege to have in my life that I love and adore.
  2. The beginner PHP class. I’m beginning to have a better understanding of PHP but I understand it’s going to take sometime and I need to be kind to myself about that.
  3. That I am beginning get into in person web related classes that I can afford. Really happy that I have treehouse and Lynda on line classes that help give me some basic information.
  4. Naps. I asked one of my friends a few weeks ago, what they learn in the past year and one of the things that my friend told me was Naps. It was something I had to learn, with my heath issues in the past few months, to rest my body in order to get through the day even if I don’t fall asleep.
  5. My goal of learning what I can between now and June with coding and revaluate then on what I learn. I’m going to take on as many sites that I can build between then within reason and I know I will find out what that means the hard way before I learn to say No.


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