100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 25/100 Days



I am grateful for:

  1. After almost 3 days of very stressful negotiating around the clock, we set a number. Now it’s a waiting game to see if it get approved in about 6-8 weeks. Will be celebrating if it goes through.
  2. I realize dealing with the huge mess of this estate, I’ve done things that most people can’t handle and handled it as the best I could.  It’s not over, but it only reinforces, that I belittle my abilities way too much.  Honesty, I survived many trips to hell and back through out my life that I didn’t cause but had to deal with and I don’t know why do I keep on questing my abilities.
  3. My friends.  I love and adore them.  They are my tribe, my choose family.
  4. That things are coming together bit by bit. My friend who is a master gardener, is willing to do a trade with me to help me do some work with the backyard.
  5. I still have my negotiating skills. Just have not had a reason to used them in years but I’m pretty much a bulldog when I have my sights set on something. The people I’ve been dealing with for the past 3 days has found that out pretty quickly.

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