100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 28/100 Days

Two young men clasping each others hands, close-up, studio shot

I am grateful for:

  1. Lessons. Sometimes things come out that you never intended to ever talk to that person about because you know it will end poorly, slips out and it ends poorly. Feel really bad and sorry was in the manner it was delivered that hurt my friend, who I dearly care about, but live and learn now that it’s done.
  2. That I am blunt.  I realize that even though it will drive some people away from me, but it’s less drama at the end.  However, I know I need to soft my edges  at times with people, especially the ones that I care about, who have a more delicate soul.  It’s a skill that I need to build on being more compassionate without letting in the drama.
  3. Realizing I am human. That I need to be ok with that and forgive myself on being human. After all, I allow everybody else to be human but me. Have to remind myself that it’s not flaw, but a right of passage once the lesson is learned at whatever the cost it might be, then move on.
  4. That I have incredible friends, that make time for me out of their busy lives and check on me to make sure I’m ok.  I am blessed.
  5. That I’m strong then where I was before.  In my 20’s I let people walk all over me once I let them in, no matter how toxic they were.  Now in my 30’s I am getting better on letting go toxic people go sooner but I have a problem of giving them like a million and one chances to keep on stabbing me in the back.







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