100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 31/100 Days

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I am grateful for:

Getting the important things done today. I had to do some shuffling when there was a miscommunication and I need to be on site tomorrow.  Thursday is normal the day where I have my doctor appointments back to back and I stick my errands that I need to get done for the week around the appointments.

The challenge of working on a prebuilt theme and plugins that I never worked with before and it seems to be challenge to understand. I know once I get through this, it will grow my skills but as of right now…agghh.

I got my tax return today from my old boss today.  It was nice seeing her again.

My aunt arrived from Japan today. I have yet to see her because she is sleeping off her jet lag.

I got a update date on when I am going to move to move again. At least it gives me an idea how much longer I have to live out of boxes for. It will be 6 months of living out of boxes by the time I move and I’m still trying to space plan the studio.

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