100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 4/100 Days

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This all start just being grateful for this one small epiphany just in time to reflect for the coming Chinese New Years.

Had a epiphany driving home from class with my dinner in tow, that I’m really to settle down to start dating, to find a parter to share with my life with.  Said I’ve wanted to start dating again before but I never did it  because there was because there were major issues that always took priority over my life. Now it’s pretty much has been addressed, even thought it’s not settle, but it’s enough to move forward.

  • My career: I know I want to be in the web industry. Now it’s finding my place and getting paid for it as a full time job.  I’m willing to work hard for it as I have continued to learn and build when I can.
  • My home: My housing situation will figure it self out and there isn’t much I can do about it till then.
  • Family: The situations dealing with my father’s estate and family matters will work itself out also.
  • Self: I’ve work on myself a lot since my last unhealthily relationship years ago, and I’m at a point where I am open to share that space to somebody.

Realizing all that, I am grateful that I’m finally starting to be in a good place despite the amounts of stress that I’ve been thought in the past year, and will be dealing with. Still learning to let go of the fear of things I can not control.  I can only deal with things bird by bird when it come for me all at once, and I just need to aspect I am doing my best. Now to meet a man that loves me and accept me, which might be a challenge but it will be well worth it at the end.

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