100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 41/100 Days

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 9.45.52 PMI am grateful for:

My very first beginner’s jQuery class today. I have to review what I learned tonight and tomorrow to hopeful see what clicked and what needs to be worked on.

I was able to redeem 3 of 4 Groupons that expired today between running errands.

That my waitress rocked. One of my groupon the manager told me it was dine in only. So I told my waitress that I was going to box what I order and I will tip her. She gave me recommendations so I wouldn’t have to pay tax, and I got lunch and dinner of the deal.

I got rockstar parking on all the places I when today even through it was packed.

I found shoes that support my arch. My arch has been slowly and painfully collapsing over the past two weeks. The arch support I bough wasn’t good enough and I order some online but they were back order.  After picking up my car at the train station today, I don’t know why I when to Nordstrom Rack, but glad I did.  I found these great sandals design by equestrians…they are amazing. The brand is Dansko.

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