100 days of Gratitude/Happiness: Day 10

watercolor magic bottle


  • I realize it’s a gift my ankle hasn’t healed correctly…yet.   It’s making me choose what to focus on that I really want to rebuild and build for this faze of my life to work for.
  • Laughs when I hung out with my friend and her husband for a bit. Her husband told me that I’m a guy, because I totally miss it when a guy hits on me.  I don’t find myself I’m attractive, so it doesn’t really cross my mind. This is the 2nd time in 6 weeks were a male friend told me I’m a guy. I need figure out how to change that pattern.
  • My sewing class. It’s challenging since it’s been a lot while since I have used that skill but I’m remembering now why I stop.  It’s a very very costly hobby.
  • My mother said she found my sewing machine. I have to go check if it’s the right one but here’s to hoping not having to buy a new used one.
  • A reminder to treat men as men, not big hairy women. Sometimes I realize being around mostly women dominated communities, that it’s a blessing for support. However it is bad because I realize that I start treating and expecting men to behave like big hairy women. Men’s behavior and the way they process things are different then women’s, it deserves to be recognized and respected, as long they also need to do the same for women and our behavior patterns.


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