100 days of Gratitude/Happiness: Day 15

Beautiful girl in plaid dress with multicolored balloons and bag on countryside


  • For simple things in life. Tides are starting to turn today for the better slowly.  My car is working, got caught up in work, I made all my doctor’s appointments, and even made it to class tonight.
  • Got the Cure tickets today. Thank you Jennifer Tucker for telling me about the 2nd show presale tickets today.  Thank goodness my friends where ok with it because the 2nd show is on a Monday night instead of a Friday one.
  • Got over my anxiety today enough to drive to a dropped in mediation class tonight.  I wasn’t sure if I could do it with all the chaos for the past month but it has helped me take me down a small notch. Baby steps to let go of stress and what I can not change.
  • News for something I’m not sure if I can share yet. I somehow missed the email a week ago.
  • Still nursing a broken heart. It’s a blessing that my heart is beginning to open again. However, I need to reserve my heart for people that value me and my heart.

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