100 days of Gratitude/Happiness: Day 17

close up view of sunflower flowers at the evening field


  • Moments. Bad days just make you appreciate your good days even better. Sometimes rather then think of them as just days, just as moments instead.
  • My talk. Writing out the outline of my talk. I decide to try to touch on 3 topics to cover, which I know I can not cover much in 30 min. I’m getting excited as it’s starting to pan out. There will be a lot of cutting down.
  • Fine tuning my own path. Ordering some books to read for my talk. It’s also helping revisit start fine tuning my freelance career.
  • Getting my drive back with working on my Development. Been feeling like I was in a hole for a while but now getting my drive back to start craving out my own path again.
  • Got some needed rest. Listening to my body and resting instead of going out tonight. Bummed I missed out on an event I was looking forward all week to, and my friend’s bday bash afterwards.

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