100 days of Gratitude/Happiness: Day 20

Beautiful girl in plaid dress with multicolored balloons and bag on countryside


Excite and scared at the same time. I got my flight, car rental, and room book to speak at WordCamp Sacramento.  Still am amazed I got picked and trying not to let the self doubt take over.  Hoping to pound out the talk by Friday and then hopefully, I can find people to run it over with.  Really excite to research everything, and trying to not to over think a 30 min talk.

Have to remind myself that I did tell myself if I apply and get accepted, I have to do it. I wanted to do it on a topic that I would have wanted to hear and I got that.  Always said I wanted my first WordCamp talk to be at a smaller venue and it is. Have to work on getting over my imposter syndrome and check this off my list.

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