100 days of Gratitude/Happiness: Day 24

A young woman is sitting on a rock by the sea


  • A lesson in letting go. Tried to nip something in the butt, however that the person is avoiding me. Just really hurts when close friend that you really cared, loved, adored, and felt safe with violates that trust by blatant disrespects you.
  • Beginning to start feeling hope again. It’s a battle to try to get to and stay in a good space when I am feeling isolated and abandoned.  Feeling like I backslide in my journey as a Developer but baby steps back on my path.
  • Sewing class. I have one more class left. It’s helping me focus and distract me during these trying few weeks.
  • Nap. I still feel like I’m completely drained but a 2-3 hour nap has helped.
  • Decide to try to control my heath more. Put a timer on so I stop skipping meals.








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