100 days of Gratitude/Happiness: Day 26

Meditazione al mare



Mock site back on track.  Got the questions answered and I’m starting to do the site design this week. Client will be in China for two weeks, so there will be limit contact.

Having the rest of the year to get my live back in order.  Time to shift.  Working on dealing with my imposter syndrome with my first WordCamp Talk and trying not to self sabotage.  Getting my budget in line to start taking some graphic design classes next semt.  Looking for an internship or a pt in a design or web office.

Starting to making my unit, my home Ev.en if there is a chance that I will have to move by spring or summer, I will make it my home and enjoy it in the present. I realize being surround by boxes and a mess is effecting my mood.

Making plans to move back to LA city in 2-3 years and hoping to find a place that I can have my own bee hive. Really loved my old apartment in LA, and I was so happy living there. Miss walking down the LA river, my old neighborhood,  and stomping grounds.

Super King Market.  Buying food to meal prep to get my eating back on track.



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