100 days of Gratitude/Happiness: Day 28

Head to head-Knights on a chess board.

“The fastest way to success id to replace bad habits with good habits.” -Tom Ziglar


Been working on adding new habits each few days.  This week: 1) Read an hour of Web/Tech/UX articles/books/group 2) Eat 3 times a day instead of once. Put a time on to remind me to eat. 3) Drink 8 cups of water per day. I use a 4 cup mason jar and  flavor it with tea.

That I might get my door to my storage room on friday, so I can get access to it. Been waiting for this since June. I can finally put my boxes away instead of my living room.

Have to make this my home. I realize I live in this unit even if I have to move in spring/summer.  Might buy a new dinning room table to save space but other then that, I’m going to wait.

Ikea. I got my standing/sitting desk today. Need to put it together next week. Looking at getting a compact dinning room table next.

My books all came today for my talk. Trying not to over think it but it’s my first talk so, I will. Trying finish it by Friday and start rehearsing it this weekend to do a run through.

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