100 days of Gratitude/Happiness: Day 29

hourglass at sunset


Challenging myself to find happiness in moments even after things go wrong. It is ok to have bad moments, hours, days just process the emotions out and let it go. There are people who are assholes, and it’s ok, even if you become one for a moment. Have to remind myself, when my interactions with them ends, they have to live with themselves and the Karama that they created. If you are an assholes, everybody is an asshole to you because that is the reality you created/accepted. I would hate to live in that world.

Had about a horrible 3 hours, where the people were just being assholes to me as I was running errands and getting to all my doctor’s appointments. Came home and took a bit to shake it off. I had a great day till that chain of events happened, now I’m back in my normal zone. Happiness is bits of moments that make you smile.  Happily soaking back in my own energy in my little safe zone.

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