100 days of Gratitude/Happiness: Day 38



AAA. My car refused to start again. AAA got here fast and jumped it. I decide to replace the battery since that’s what he thought it was and somehow, doing that it magically fixed my car alarm that wasn’t working for the past year.

Day of the Dead. A day to remember those who passed before us and appreciate those that still are with us.

Nightmare before Christmas at the Hollywood Bowl, that I keep on calling the Rose Bowl.  Great seats and we had a great time.  Discovered that the metro card gets you on the Hollywood Shuttle Bus from the Universal Metro Lot for free.

Real Food.  I’m happy to get warm food from the HK cafes late at night since they close at 1am.

Sold my old laptop to my friend. I could have sold it for much more but my friend need it. It’s going to a good home. She is really excited that I got her pink covers for it.

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