100 days of Gratitude/Happiness: Day 39


kettle for tea in a cafe


I read thought my talk today and I got it under 30 mins.  Still have to tweak it and work on the flow and transitions of the talk.

My friend dragging me out for a doughnut run today. I have to drop off some in the am.

My trip this weekend. I sotra of want the talk to be over but I’m not ready yet!

My car works… sorta of. I’m beginning to wonder if the weather is affecting it. I don’t have time for it to break down tomorrow, so wish me luck.

Learning to just let it go. The rain let through the storage shed that roof wasn’t done. It’s a lost and just letting it go with 1/3 of my stuff that got float out including a sew machine table that belonged to my grandma that I learn to sew on.


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