100 days of Gratitude/Happiness: Day 4



  •  My extend WordPress family and friends. I am eternality grateful for them, and grace of the WordPress community. 
  • Being coming a Developer. My hugest fear happen on using that title happen today,  I was told not to used the word Developer in my title today by somebody who I just meet and knew nothing about me.  It took a lot of convincing by people I knew, and respected as developers that have seen my code and work, to convince me to start using that title about a year ago.  I understand and respect that person’s POV of what a Developer is and why, because that was my stander for a long time till people talk to me about it.
    I know it’s a very controversial topic on what titles are but I also realize that I need stop fearing the reactions of voicing my opinions.  For me at this point of my life,  if you do anything that is constantly consider Development, you are a Developer. It doesn’t mean that you are great at it, but everybody has to start somewhere. I don’t charge as a Developer or a Designer but when I get to the level that I feel I can start charging for it,  I will. Now to getting back on track on leveling up. 
  • Taking the next 3 months to build a mock site of things I want to learn. I’m not taking on any more new website clients for the rest of the year and just build a mock site to up my level. The talk I had with that person today made me realize that I’m only taking on paid clients is because that’s what I think should doing. I’ve been building the same configuration sites for over 1.5 years now because that’s all they can afford. I’ve been very very bored and not using the skills I’ve learned,  but I do want to help people get started with their own site. This is a side job for me, it’s not my main income yet.  I can afford to take the next 3 months off, and just make a mock site of things I want to learn to make.
  • For the people I met at WCLAX. I wasn’t really planing on staying very long at WCLAX but after meeting some wonderful people, I did. Had wonderful talks with people. The last person’s conversation when very deep and it help me realize how to approach some blocks I’ve been stuck on for a while.


  •  Being able to get  4am breakfast burrito from a taco stand. I miss having this when I lived in Hawaii for 7 years.


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