100 days of Gratitude/Happiness: Day 47

Wonderland series - Drink me room


My clostest childhood friend gave brith to her frist heathy baby today…6 weeks earily. She wasn’t feeling well yesterday, and had to cancel our late lunch date before I flew home. I almost drive two hours down to see her but my step sister stopped me because of the harsh rain.

My friend picked me at Union Station at midnight instead of waiting for me to see if I did miss the last train home.

Ready to start letting go of people, that I once called friends. Had a reminder this weekend spending time with friends and family, what people that love, respect, and care about me act like. Actions speack louder then words. I need to stop holding on to hope to people who don’t treat me like that anymore, and repect myself enough to walk away.

Getting some rest today. I have to remeber that I’m not in the best of heath, and I need to take better care of my body. So stop pushing it so far as I used to.

Slowly getting myself back. It’s going to take time but baby steps.


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