100 days of Gratitude/Happiness: Day 55

pink chocolate cupcake


Meal prepping. It sounds silly but going out and buying food to make meals makes me happy. Haven’t had a real working kitchen for almost 11 months. I spend more money on buying food but I have to remind myself that it is still heather then eating out. I’m sure once I figure out what works, I can cut down the food bill. My new hobby is learning how to find recipes to make nutrition and efficient meal plans. Going to be playing with Quinoa, since I have a bag of that stuff.

Today, I made:

Gluten-free Creamy Parmesan-Garlic Quinoa (would make again) 

Kale Salad w/ Lemon Dressing (didn’t love this recipe)

Tomorrow, I plan to make: 

Brussels Sprouts Gratin

Mexican Meatball Soup

Avocado Sonoma Chicken Salad


Linguine with Garlic Oil and Pancetta (I love this recipe. Revisiting it.)

Raspberry-Ricotta Cake 

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