100 days of Gratitude/Happiness: Day 8

Dried Rose on old wooden background, broken heart concept, vintage style

“Things fall apart to make way for way better things.” -unknown


  • Getting my build my own WordPress Theme plan of action done for the first part and got underscores set up on Desktop Sever. It’s funny, that I never got around to doing it till now. I should write some simple plungins for it also. I’m blogging everything to keep myself accountable.
  • My best friend at 6-7 months pregnant with her first child.  So happy she finally got what she wanted, a guy that matches her personalty and goals, a wedding, and now a baby. She is still pressuring me to get boyfriend and married.
  • Seeing photos one of my friend try on wedding dresses. From a settling relationship to now a man that supports her dreams. I am smiling looking at her photo and so proud of her.  I know a baby isn’t long behind.
  • Putting getting married before I turn 40 on my list of goals. That gives me a couple of years but I realize that I’ve been too busy taking care of other people/family, focusing on work, and trying to find myself that I never made room for a parter in life. Still not sold on kids but I learned never say never.
  • Looking at light as my heart is breaking for the past few weeks, and I’m grateful for this lesson allowing me to grow.  Just a reminder to myself time heals. “A year from now, everything you are stressing over will not matter”  -unknown


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