100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 29/100 Days

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I am grateful for:

  1. For  new project today. Excited but nervous because I wanted a client that would challenge my skills a little more and I got want I wished for.  I’m going to learn a lot on this project and I hope they are please with my work at the end.
  2. My friends. I love and adore them. Always grateful for the moments I am privilege to spend with them.
  3. My stuff for the BeSpa first event this Friday is coming together. I got my jewelry stand today and I need to whip up a few earring to sale on top of my bath products.
  4. Being able to work on learning to forgive myself for being human. We all have glitches in our system, some more then other and depending of our level awareness. We grow with with each lesson we learn or just keep on repeating it till we do.
  5. That I made it through the day with about an hour or two of sleep.  I just took a long nap and I’m now wide awake at 1:30am. Need to get back to a regular sleeping schedule, so I’m going back to bed in a few or I’m going to hit the gym, if it fails.


100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 28/100 Days

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I am grateful for:

  1. Lessons. Sometimes things come out that you never intended to ever talk to that person about because you know it will end poorly, slips out and it ends poorly. Feel really bad and sorry was in the manner it was delivered that hurt my friend, who I dearly care about, but live and learn now that it’s done.
  2. That I am blunt.  I realize that even though it will drive some people away from me, but it’s less drama at the end.  However, I know I need to soft my edges  at times with people, especially the ones that I care about, who have a more delicate soul.  It’s a skill that I need to build on being more compassionate without letting in the drama.
  3. Realizing I am human. That I need to be ok with that and forgive myself on being human. After all, I allow everybody else to be human but me. Have to remind myself that it’s not flaw, but a right of passage once the lesson is learned at whatever the cost it might be, then move on.
  4. That I have incredible friends, that make time for me out of their busy lives and check on me to make sure I’m ok.  I am blessed.
  5. That I’m strong then where I was before.  In my 20’s I let people walk all over me once I let them in, no matter how toxic they were.  Now in my 30’s I am getting better on letting go toxic people go sooner but I have a problem of giving them like a million and one chances to keep on stabbing me in the back.







100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 27/100 Days

Old rangefinder camera and black-and-white photos.

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”― Karl Lagerfeld

I am grateful for:

  1. Photos. One of the reasons why I take photos, is that life happens so fast that sometimes you forget the little moments in life and it’s nice to have little reminders that bring a smile to my face. They mean the world to me and so do my friends and family.
  2. My friend squeezed me in for some bodywork today. My neck and shoulders are locked but that’s not a shocker from all the stress I’ve been through the past few months.  It was a very painful session but I got a few knots released.  I wish I could afford more sessions.
  3. Discovering that I still have anther year left on my 24 hour fitness Costco membership today. I only need it for the bike and elliptical, which I did 15 mins of each today. Baby steps…Really wish I knew somebody who can teach me how to use the weights.
  4. Avoid interacting with former friend who cause a lot of drama in my life, that I cut out of my life about 3 years ago and I haven’t seen since tonight.  He cut in front of me in line to check in at the gym tonight, so I when to talk to one of the staff to avoid interactions with him.
  5. I got a surprise donation payment from a friend today, for doing a reading for that friend last night. It’s almost like a validation that it really resonated with that friend.

100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 26/100 Days

Peaceful woman relaxing at home with cup of tea or coffeeI am Grateful for:

  1. Taking the day off of studying and getting work done.  I wasn’t able to get as much as I could done but I did get some stuff done.
  2. Treat myself to season one of Expedition Unknown. It’s not as fun as Destination Truth was but it’s nice to see Josh Gates back on tv.
  3. Found a new song that amuses me for now. Ella’s song “Ghost.”
  4. Had a good reading with friend.
  5. Tea


100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 25/100 Days



I am grateful for:

  1. After almost 3 days of very stressful negotiating around the clock, we set a number. Now it’s a waiting game to see if it get approved in about 6-8 weeks. Will be celebrating if it goes through.
  2. I realize dealing with the huge mess of this estate, I’ve done things that most people can’t handle and handled it as the best I could.  It’s not over, but it only reinforces, that I belittle my abilities way too much.  Honesty, I survived many trips to hell and back through out my life that I didn’t cause but had to deal with and I don’t know why do I keep on questing my abilities.
  3. My friends.  I love and adore them.  They are my tribe, my choose family.
  4. That things are coming together bit by bit. My friend who is a master gardener, is willing to do a trade with me to help me do some work with the backyard.
  5. I still have my negotiating skills. Just have not had a reason to used them in years but I’m pretty much a bulldog when I have my sights set on something. The people I’ve been dealing with for the past 3 days has found that out pretty quickly.

100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 24/100 Days



I am grateful for:

“BeSpa” by BeLee is happening. I have no clue how this hobby is turing into a small side business.  Not counting on it to pay for my bills but if I can break even, it will be the most profitable hobby I ever had beside when I made jewelry as a metal smith.

That I when to my weekly Pilates class, that I promise myself I would go to once a week since I missed the Monday option for class.  I still have issues connecting with my body but that is a work in progress.

I got some coding done today but not as much as I would like. Ideally would like an hour each day but as long as I get some coding in, even if it’s just 5 min is my daily goal.

Learning to start let go and stopping working as much, which is really hard to do but baby steps.

My step brother might be back after disowning the family for 7 years. I have yet to see or hear from him but my mother talk to him.


100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 23/100 Days

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I am grateful for:

This challenge to myself. These past few weeks have been a challenge to stay transparent and do this list with all the chaos that has been going on.

I’m getting through my treehouse lessons a little at time when I can between work.

Oranges. Don’t know why I love oranges so much but I do.

Today was the last day for my Photoshop class. I did really enjoy the class but it’s time to move on to find a place to learn illustrator next.

I have a new level of respect for teachers dealing with demanding students. I think my PS teacher almost lost it a few times when she had no clue how and where she saved her files after 9 weeks of walking her through it. The last 15 min of class she finally got paper to take notes and took any.


100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 22/100 Days

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 11.55.21 PMI am grateful for:

  1. My friends and their screaming head butting babies. I swear that they are my natural birth control and my tubes tie themselves into a knot. I know one day I’ll look back fondly on these toddler years, while blackmail them with embarrassing photos and stories.
  2. The So Cal WordPress Community.  Even through I’m feeling anti social right now   due to stress in my life, I’m glad that I have a community that has little drama and is community driven.
  3. Netflix’s Aziz Ansari Live at Madison Square Garden Special. It’s a great nightcap to watch and listen to as I am unwinding and getting ready for bed.
  4. I found my misplaced Fitbit and it’s now charging.
  5. Getting as much things as I could done today and be kind to myself for doing the best I could today.

100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 21/100 Days


I am grateful for:

  1. Having time to slowly put the pieces of my life together for this era of my life despite me wanting to get it done ASAP to move on.  It has not been pretty but it hasn’t broke me.
  2. Was able to get a some rest today after my class today.
  3. Get some stuff done around the house
  4. Getting better at not skipping meals.
  5. Tea…

100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 20/100 Days

11035460_10152520018622134_1693677485511702810_nI am grateful for:

  1. My friends. I have amazing friends that I am privilege to have in my life that I love and adore.
  2. The beginner PHP class. I’m beginning to have a better understanding of PHP but I understand it’s going to take sometime and I need to be kind to myself about that.
  3. That I am beginning get into in person web related classes that I can afford. Really happy that I have treehouse and Lynda on line classes that help give me some basic information.
  4. Naps. I asked one of my friends a few weeks ago, what they learn in the past year and one of the things that my friend told me was Naps. It was something I had to learn, with my heath issues in the past few months, to rest my body in order to get through the day even if I don’t fall asleep.
  5. My goal of learning what I can between now and June with coding and revaluate then on what I learn. I’m going to take on as many sites that I can build between then within reason and I know I will find out what that means the hard way before I learn to say No.