Jury Duty 2015

I am really tried right now and I know as a freelancer, I am losing money when I am in Jury Duty but I know it’s part of my civil duty as an American and a honor to be selective. It’s a small small price to pay in the long run, and I feel like the people in the case deserves our respect as we expect if it was our own case. Most of the people on the jury where great, expect one lady who was challenging because she really didn’t want to be there. Overall, I didn’t agree 100% with the outcome but I am grateful that we have the court system that we do, even thought it has it’s issues.

On the side note with all the downtime I had to reflect waiting in the courtroom hallway, I realized it was the right decision to leave the legal field but the legal mind set and thinking process still fascinates me. Don’t want to go back into Social Work but I wouldn’t mind working with non profits again.  Really miss web design and coding. I was too tried to get 100% out of my two responsive night class workshops this week but I loved learning whatever sunk through. I am in the right field and I’m still figuring out my niche in the web design world.

Case: If you are wondering what the case was about, it was a bumper accident on the freeway that took place about 3 years ago.  Both sides weren’t very clear on setting a timeline after the accident, the photos on both sides were questionable, both cars were in question, there were too many unknowns, and it was hard to find any solid facts.  It’s been three years since it happened, how many people remember what they did a week ago in detail?

How I decided was, was based on the defendant had admitted that he was distracted when he hit the plaintiff, so how much of the medical bills and anything else is he responsible for?  I was the only one that through the wife should get some money for becoming the caretaker. Other people felt like it was part of her job in a marriage. For me, I don’t know how much income was she counting from him and if she put aside anything to bring income with her job skills. I’m not married, so I can’t tell you what’s it like as a wife but I can tell you from the point of a caretaker for a family member, which I have been a few times in my life.



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