Not sure what life is bringing me but…

Beautiful flower rose on vintage dark wooden background. Selective focus.

3 more weeks left in my program before I’m on my own again. Almost burned out with the drive daily 2 hours each way.   Love the high of having projects to code daily, and trouble shooting in class. Must love it since I just completed 13 weeks so far. When to a beginner’s Ruby meetup today,  I spent most of the time talking about WordPress + trying to learn Javascript. I think I need to stick to WordPress + JS even through I’m Ruby/Rails curious.

So I asked myself what would be my dream job. Want something I can grow my personal coding and related skills in, and it can be flexible.  Something with coding front end in WordPress for a non/not for profit or social work/welfare related. I realize that working on Audrey Capital for Automattic, would be my dream job. Don’t know how to make that happen but it’s now my goal or a similar job to that.

My goal for the next 3 weeks:

  • Stop skipping meals
  • Drink 8 cups of water/tea a day
  • Finish resume
  • Finish Codetalk portfolio
  • Keep learning Javascript, whatever that means
  • Keep  on working on learning Git + Github

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