Self Love Challenge: Day 16

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“Fall in love with a person who enjoys your madness. Not an idiot who forces you to be normal.” – Unknown

Love myself to be open to love. One of the things I am changing this year, is be open to love.  One of my friends said it has to be unconditional love.  Put it out there into the universe, that as I’m creating this chapter of my life, I want a romantic monogamous relationship with a man to have adventures with, to grow together with, that will not give up on me, that will take care of me, is proud of me, and somebody that I can adore and spoil.  It doesn’t have to end with marriage. A success relationship doesn’t have to last forever. That being said, I never been married, would like to be married once in my life and ideally staid married.

Need to break my pattern of being attract to emotionally unavailable men.  They are usually boys unwilling to man up, which makes them great friends. That’s what also stops me from allowing them to cross the friend zone, but my heart is anther story. My heart roots for the underdog/dark horse, but it’s a bad gamble and I’m too old for that. Also I’m not a side chick or an option. Do not degrade me as one.

Relationships aren’t prefect. It’s on going hard work. I’ve always said the prefect relationship is two unperfect people unwilling to give up on each other.   In the past few weeks, I realize I’m ready to start putting my heart out there and do the work. I’m not going out there for a hunt for a man, but I am being open to meet one or if things shift from a friendship, I’m willing to step forward and give it a try.  Life is scary and short.  I don’t want to keep on missing out because of fear of the pain from getting hurt.


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