Self-Love Diet Day: Five

cup of hot coffee on the window sill wet from the rain

Falling back in love with my life.

Despite with everything that hasn’t been working in the past few weeks. Dealing with not having a car for almost two weeks and not knowing if can be saved. The disappointment of not getting a car last night with the number so close. Not going into debt to buy a car. Being hit with a bunch of legal issues with my father’s estate during the holidays. Been struggling with a bunch of health issues over the past few months, and since I switch HMOs, I have to wait till my first appointment. Been resting a lot till then. Got anther warning, that I might have to move by June. As I was listening to the rain, I felt more content with my life.

Feeling really lucky, that have a roof over my head till June, and they got all the leaks fixed before I moved in. I have hot water in my shower now. I have some food storage. It might not be healthiest but it’s food. My car gave me a good 18 years. If it’s not savable, I’ll figure something out.  I’m having people ask me about building or fixing their sites and it’s giving me inspire to look into new things to learn. Baby steps because my life will slow go to over drive by the next of the month till the end of April but it’s the path I choose to go on, not trying to survive the path that I had to deal with.

Feels like I’m stepping back into my own skin and path again. My goal for 2016 is keep on building the foundation for my new career, getting my health and body back in check, and keeping my spiritually in balance. Baby steps and I will get there.

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