Self-Love Diet Day: Two

Cup of hot tea and cookies outside


Putting up bounders for my self care.  I am on day seven without a car because my mechanic is on vacation till Monday.  It’s been forcing me to reassess the way I live my life.

Learning to priorities things for less stress.  I work part time on call, so I’m using lyft/uber due to my car. Due to the cost, I have to become more strategic. It is making me realize that “Drop everything to go,” mentality wastes a lot of time, while adding unnessary stress. Better time management and prioritizing for less stress.

Making my home functional for living. During the past month, I finally unpacked and storage things, so I can live in my home unit. Being stuck at home, I realize it wasn’t functional for me because I unpacked it just get by for basic living, but it was placed to be repacked easily incase I have to move again.  Now that I’m starting to cook again, I’m trying to figure out what works and doesn’t. Making my home, my home instead of just a place to sleep till I move again.

I am pretty happy, it’s all slowly coming together. Next week I have a web project that I need to start working on.

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