Ying and Yang of Life…back in survival’s mode

Open vintage book with blossom branch of cherry-tree on wooden table. a cup of coffee

How my life is going for the past 4-5 weeks:

Negatives: My mother is hospital passing from a terminal illness for almost a month.  My health is pretty much shot and I’m at high risk for a heart attack or a stroke right now. My step father isn’t doing so well, that he might be going to the hospital.

Positives:  I am passing my Front End Dev Program so far, my HMO is slowly listening to me and I’m getting tests done,  a working car, a roof over my head, food in my belly when I remember to eat, and a bed to sleep in.  Really blessed that I have friends who randomly continually check on me, even knowing I might not reply for days. Thank you.

Overall: This is making me focus on what’s important to me. My family, my health, and my Front End Dev Program. I roll out of the house each morning at 6am to drive two hours one way to school, and then between all the errands and doctor appointments for my mom and me, I don’t get home till about 10/11pm each night. I’m exhausted.

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