100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 34/100 Days

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I am grateful for:

My friends and great conversations over a delish meal.

Eating at famous Carousel Restaurant today. I been meaning to try that place for ages and now I have. Great food and even better dessert. On to more places I want off my foodie’s LA bucket list!

Getting some rest today. I know that sounds silly but I haven’t been sleeping well lately due to stress.

Learning to use air bnb for my layover trip.  I realize when you are near the tourist areas, there are a few bait and switch prices and you have to read the reviews because there was this lady who had a bunch of rooms for rent but seems to keep on having unpleasant “misunderstandings” with people.

Little oranges, cuties, mandarins, etc.  I go thought about two bags of them per week. nom nom nom

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