100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 3/100 Days

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  1.  Making it through the day despite all the chaos that is thrown at me.
  2. Being a little more productive, while spending 2 hours at the doctor’s office.
  3. Didn’t lose or gain weight last week. Which is a good thing because I wasn’t eating regularly or well last week but I know that was due to stress.
  4.  I when to my weekly mat Pilates class despite wanting to stay home.  It still hurts a lot in class but I have to remind my self baby steps are better then none.
  5. That I finally got everything I need to try my hand at making Bath Fizzies/Bombs.  I think slowly start to making all my own bath products again, and maybe start selling them when I make them in bulk.

100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 2/100 Days

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  1. Starting to let go for what I can not control. I know this is a life lesson I keep on battling to learn. I remind myself try not to worry so much because somehow, I always get what I need, not everything I want. Sometimes even when you are able to get things you desire, you are not able to hold on to it because it was never meant to be yours. Just enjoy the moments, they are fleeting but they can last a life time.  It’s up to you to make their as joyful or painful as possible.
  2. Getting a better understanding of PHP as I’m going through my Tree House classes that they updated. One step closer to writing my first very simple WordPress Plungin.
  3. My friends. I love and adore them. I am really blessed to have such amazing friends in my life right now.
  4. I’m slowly getting my strength back in my dance and movement…oh so painfully slowly but I’m doing it.  As I completed six weeks of bi weekly Pilates/Dance Conditioning  and once a week belly dance classes. Hoping to be able to do a simple performance by fall.
  5. Love for myself enough to walk away from a friend that been really toxic towards me for a while, maybe forever.

100 Days of Gratitude Challenge: 1/100 Days

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  1. I keep my promise to myself of going to a workout class once a week. It’s been a real struggle keeping up with classes but I know each baby step is one step better then where I was.
  2. That I got to go to a PHP class today.
  3. Got to celebrate my friend’s bday and spend time with friends.